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For new customers as well as for our current customers.

Particulars about our funds, needed to make a subscription.

FundMinimum InvestCustodianCurrent Account
AcropolisUBS España S.A.
Welzia Corto Plazo100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 71 1305000201
Welzia Ahorro 5100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 70 1305010201
Welzia Flexible 10100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 76 1305070201
Welzia Crecimiento 15100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 71 1305020201
Welzia Banks100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 76 1305110201
Welzia G.Opportunities100€UBS Europe SE, Sucursal en España.0226 0001 77 1305120201
WZGFA100,000€UBS España S.A.
WZGFB1,000€UBS España S.A.



ONE – Deposit the Amount for subscription
Select the funds to be subscribed and make the deposit singling out the amounts to be subscribed in the current account of each fund. Take into account the above established minimum amounts.
Payments shall only be made by:

  • Transfer:
    Bank transfer to the current account of the Fund. The 20 digits of your current account from where the transfer is issued should be included in Remarks.

NOTE:Keep or print a copy of the receipt confirming the transfer and state the name of the holder/s in it (if already a holder of the funds, you should merely state the participant account). Forward us a copy of this document by fax with the subscription forms described in step two and a photocopy of your ID document described in step three. All these papers should later be sent to us by post.


TWO – Completing the subscription form
Complete the subscription forms, specifying all the particulars requested in them. One subscription form should be completed for each fund you wish to subscribe.

If you are going to make a subscription, it is essential to firstly know the informative documents of the fund relating to the rules and last quarterly report.

FundFormRulesQuarterly ReportProspectus
Welzia Corto Plazo
Welzia Ahorro 5
Welzia Flexible 10
Welzia Crecimiento 15
Welzia Banks
Welzia G.Opportunities


NOTE: If you are already a customer, just state the participant account nº and your ID number at the top of the form and only fill in the part relating to the amount to be subscribed, the form of payment, date and signature, leaving the other personal particulars blank. If you are not a customer, you should complete all the particulars on the form.


THREE – Additional identification documentation of holders
If you are not a customer, we will need additional documents to correctly identify you.

  • Individuals: Very clear photocopy of the ID card of the Fund holder/s and also authorised persons if any.
  • Minors: Photocopy of the Family Record Book or very clear photocopy of the minor’s ID card (if any) and very clear photocopy of the ID card of the minor’s representative/s (e.g.: the child
  • Companies: Photocopy of the company Tax ID Code, Simple copy of the Deed of Incorporation and Powers and very clear photocopy of the ID card and Tax ID Number of the Representatives (if a business company).

The document specified in this point three is essential and if not sent correctly, the participant will not be able to make any reimbursement transaction or transfer the holdings.


FOUR – Remit all the documentation
Compile all the documents of all the above items:

  • Copy of the receipt confirming the transfer.
  • Subscription form(s).
  • Very clear photocopy of the ID card (not necessary if already a fund holder).

Forward the documents by fax:

By Fax
Ref.: Investment Funds
Fax: (+34) 91 576 17 41

And send the documents by post:

By Post
Ref.: Investment Funds
Welzia Management SGIIC S.A.
C/ Conde de Aranda 24

If you have any questions about the subscription procedure, please call us on (+34) 91 577 04 64. When completing the forms, we suggest you always include at least one contact phone number so we can locate you in the event of any incidents.