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Welzia Management SGIIC S.A. is part of the Welzia Investment Group, a project sponsored by businessmen and professionals from different sectors, aimed at promoting and encouraging the development of business initiatives. Its objective is to contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

The current initiatives of the Welzia Investment Group are centred on:

  • Wealth Protection.
  • The Training and Transmission of Knowledge.
  • Protection of Companies against Risks.


Welzia Management SGIIC S.A., is the company that offers services for wealth protection.

Welzia Management SGIIC S.A. is registered as Management Company of Collective Investment Institution at the CNMV for developing its activity in the most suitable legal framework (see registration particulars).

Our commitment in fulfilling this advisory and management activity is clearly defined through our Fundamental, Irreplaceable and Permanent Values expressed in Our Vision. Our Vision.