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At Welzia, our Advisory work is at all times embedded in Our Vision. We can highlight two features that specially apply in this work:

    Customer Interests

  • Always put the Customer’s interests before our own ones.


We offer two kinds of Advisory Services:

    Specific Advice

    Strategic Advice


In both cases our customers can have the assurance that we perform this work using the best specialists and best financial technology and systems. This is consequence of:

    Our management team holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®) certification which ensures very high levels of quality and ethics.

    Maintain Collaboration and Research projects with prestigious Academic Institutions in the world of Finance, which guarantees that we are at the highest and most updated level in financial knowledge

These services are perfectly embedded for Institutions and Individuals, wishing to foster and improve their analysis or decisions.


Specific Advice

We base our advice on the knowledge and analysis of our research department and orientate it to make it coincide with your investment strategy.

We need to know your aims, risk profile, etc.

The portfolio of an Insurance Company, the Pension Fund of a company’s employees, the private Portfolio self-managed by an Individual, etc. We are here to analyse, manage and, in short, to walk at your side to correctly obtain your aims.

You keep your autonomy for your own management and we are present in those fields where you request our help, from the strategic construction of the diversification of assets, up to support in specific and particular market decisions, and even in the execution of operations.

And we will also help to train you, transmitting and sharing the necessary knowledge so you feel sure at all times of the actions you should carry out.

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Strategic Advice

Because we understand that the strategic definition of an investment is a core factor, we believe that this type of advice is of substantial importance.

The strategy, long-term vision, is our strong point where we continuously invest our efforts to be able to perform it with absolute confidence that we are offering the best criteria.

And we add all our knowledge to fulfil the needs, desires and aims of the customer, adapting and personalising a management philosophy to each situation that will facilitate the procurement of the desired aims.

The Planning of a Pension Fund to meet the requirements of participants and beneficiaries, procuring an insurance company’s investments in line with your commitments and risk, a Family Portfolio to preserve and offer welfare to its members, etc.

With us you will find

  • A tailored solution to suit your needs
  • The construction of Investment Strategy
  • A monitoring of the evolution and necessary readaptation
  • Support in administration matters

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As global managers, we understand that our Methodology offers the best alternative to guarantee the construction and preservation of long-term equities.
To understand our Methodology better, we invite you to access our Training Area where you will find detailed explanation about all the necessary items.