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Let us imagine a conversation where an investment adviser is addressing his customer:

"Your present portfolio does not correspond to your risk profile. I recommend that we review the Assets Assignment and correct the diversification of your equity"

Do you know what Investment Risk is?
Do you know how Risk is measured?
Do you know what is Asset Allcoation?

Visit our Training Center Welzia.

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Within our Philosophy as a company, at Welzia we understand that the best way to offer our customers a good service, and anybody who comes to Welzia, is to transmit them the most relevant facts about the world of Investments Management.

In this way, we invite you to visit investor´s rights and how goverment protect your rights with MIFID, click here.

Acquiring these skills will enable the Manager and Client to speak the same language and in this way improve the understanding and communication between both.

This is why we offer you a basic course in Portfolio Management. Since this course is accessible from the Internet, it will help you acquire a basic knowledge about your equity management at your pace and from anywhere.

We have centred our efforts on transmitting these skills in a conceptual way, avoiding introducing complicated mathematical formulas, allowing anybody, regardless of their degree of knowledge, to satisfactorily complete the course.

You will be able to understand concepts such as:

  • The Expected Return.
  • The Risk, how it is measured and its importance.
  • The Assets Clases and Investment Instruments.
  • The effect of the Time Horizon on portfolio behaviour.
  • The importance of Diversification as Risk reducer agent.
  • The effect of Correlation between different Assets Clasess.
  • The importance of the Assignment of Assets.
  • The Efficient Frontier and its main characteristics.
  • ... and many more.


All this, accompanied by practical examples, exercises, graphic animation to guarantee a complete interactivity between the student and course, and the best assimilation of concepts. We also offer you a virtual tutor to clarify any doubts you may have.